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Thane Studios, Islington


After many years in Dalston, our London team moved to Finsbury Park in 2018. The local area is vibrant and we are fortunate to be surrounded by a series of creative workshops and makers in and around Thane Works.

We designed our new office – Thane Studios – to sit within the shell of an old laundry building. Our intention was to create a free-flowing space that reflects our collaborative nature, so there is an emphasis on breakout and informal meeting spaces. It is a robust ‘found’ space, with good levels of natural daylight. A central mezzanine hangs above the main studio, nestled amongst the original wooden rafters.

The building is naturally ventilated with automatically opening rooflights, with shading to prevent overheating. The concrete floor and exposed brick walls provide the thermal mass that helps moderate the internal environment. Phase 2 of the works – a transformative extension – completed in 2021 to create a new foyer at the front of the building as well as additional meeting space and a new landscaped forecourt.

Project Details:

Creating modern, low energy and highly flexible offices within a former industrial building.

Client: Levitt Bernstein

Construction Value: TBC

Completion: 2018 (phase 1) and 2021 (phase 2)

Location: Islington

Image: Kimbo Fidelo Sito