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Blackbird Leys, Oxford


We were commissioned by Oxford City Council to explore a number of design options and development masterplans for two key sites within the Blackbird Leys area.

The sites themselves are markedly different. The first, Knights Road, looks at a new build, entirely residential development to the west of the existing Blackbird Leys District Centre, offering a number of new dwelling types that look out across onto existing green space. It is imagined that this site would be completed prior to the more significant works imagined for the District Centre. This element was more challenging - we needed to review the existing mixed use area and propose a new scheme with varying uses.

In addition to these development schemes, we were also asked to carry out a Heritage Assessment for the existing Blackbird Leys church building.

Project Details:

Development masterplans for two distinct areas in Oxford.

Client: Oxford City Council

Construction Value: TBC

Completion: 2014

Location: Oxford