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Lower Falinge and College Bank, Rochdale


We have collaborated with the local community to develop a spatial strategy for College Bank and Lower Falinge, two neighbourhoods in central Rochdale, through a series of workshops and extensive stakeholder engagement. Our aim is to create a distinctive place, building on the existing community and reimagining the character and identity of both estates. We will also improve the quality of homes, network of streets, public realm and landscaped spaces; whilst also improving connections to the town centre and surrounding residential areas.

The first phase of the masterplan, on Lower Falinge, aims to set a high standard for future phases. The proposal begins to increase the variety of house typologies on offer, including a richer mix of tenures. The new homes – a mix of townhouses, terraced house and flats – have been designed to suit the varying needs of tenants and have been shaped by extensive public consultation.

Project Details:

An urban neighbourhood regeneration in central Rochdale.

Client: Rochdale Boroughwide Housing

Construction Value: TBC

Completion: TBC

Location: Rochdale