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Winstanley and York Road Estate, Wandsworth


Winstanley and York Road are two housing estates suffering from the typical problems of mid-twentieth century council housing. We were appointed to develop a long-term spatial masterplan for them both. We initiated a consultation process with the community, outlining four different options on a sliding scale for regeneration on the estate, and fully explaining the costs and benefits each would bring.

The design of the masterplan is a direct result of this process. For the currently successful areas of the neighbourhood, we designed have proposed smaller interventions, to improve the environment: new lighting, pocket green spaces and innovative street furniture. The wider masterplan splits broadly into three character areas: tall buildings with a combination of residential, office and retail uses based on a more traditional street-plan pattern and taller residential buildings above a new leisure centre. The masterplan also brings the school, youth centre and health centre together into an activity hub, and relocates York Gardens into the centre of the community.

Project Details:

An award-winning masterplan for a pair of existing housing estates, which has empowered local residents to shape development proposals from micro to macro scales.

Client: London Borough of Wandsworth

Construction Value: £310m

Completion: 2030 (estimated)

Location: Wandsworth


  • Urban Design Group Practice Awards 2015: Shortlisted