Posted Dec 14 2023 | By Thomas Böhringer

Inside Bristol Beacon: Theatre Tech – An Essential Hidden World

Working with the Theatre, Acoustic and Experience Consultants at Charcoalblue, the latest sophisticated technical infrastructure was selected to seamlessly integrate with the room’s architecture.

This makes sure the venue can support its diverse and intensive range of programming, large orchestras one day and an international touring rock concert the next, seated stalls for an afternoon event and fully standing in the evening.

The following systems have been incorporated.

Beacon Hall:

  • 1,800 fully seated, 2,190 including standing.
  • Six dedicated in-house production trusses with 2000kg of capacity for lighting and production equipment
  • Strong points and over stage rigging beams with 20t of capacity for touring productions.
  • An entire rig of over 90 moving and fixed position LED lighting fixtures.
  • - High spec. L’acoustics in house PA system.
  • Fifteen individual stage lifts for orchestra risers moving between flat floor and 1500mm above the stage.
  • Two large format stage elevators 28sqm each with a lifting capacity of 28t used to transport seating wagons to the cellar below.
  • Variable staging - Two large Stage Elevators designed to extend the stage, making it possible for the venue to host the best national and international orchestras. Stage Elevators are also used to transport the seating wagons between the auditorium floor and storage area in the cellars below.
  • Variable seating - The stalls seating area can be transformed from 508 fully seated into an 1100 capacity standing area in less than three hours.
  • Variable seating systems, fifteen seating wagons hosting fifty beam mounted wheeled seating units.

Lantern Hall:

  • 296 fully seated, 500 standing capacity.
  • Twelve variable height staging units with a piano lift enabling a grand piano to be lifted to the 1m stage height.
  • Three production trusses with 1500kg of capacity for lighting and sound equipment.
  • Acoustic curtains incorporating artist designed bespoke fabric.