• Architecture

Queens Market, Newham


We were commissioned by Newham Council to deliver a design led capacity study working along side a social and economic appraisal framework and viability modelling.

The process involved a review of existing market and surrounding urban realm, engagement with a key stakeholder steering groups and wider public consultation. Interactive sessions were held involving engaging physical models, wall mounted surveys and round tables discussions with different people including underrepresented minority groups to get a full picture of hopes and fears for the future of the market.

This fed into a series of options looking at the refurbishment and moderisation of the market, partial and full development options. The options are currently being costed, which will lead to a second round of wider public engagement.

Project Details:

Multidisciplinary capacity studies for the redevelopment of Queens Market informed by extensive stakeholder engagement and public consultation.

Client: Newham Council

Construction Value: TBC

Completion: TBC

Location: Newham